Direct Textile Print & Color Fixation With Ricoh Head-3200

HEAD : Ricoh Gen5
INK : Water based sublimation
COLOR : Double 4 colors (C/M/Y/K)
RESOLUTION : 1800dpi


What is soft signage ?


  • Direct printing on polyester or poly blend for ads
  • Sublimation printing on soft and light fabrics
  • Eco friendly solution due to the use of recyclable fabrics and water based ink


What can be done with it ?


  • Billboards
  • Flags and banners
  • Backlits
  • Advertising hoardings
  • Meeting displays
  • Exhibition displays
  • Theatre drops and stage decorations
  • Wallpaper


Why soft signage instead of pvc ?

  • Differentiate from competitors who still print with solvent
  • Brilliant visual and touch
  • Feeling Premium
  • No odor
  • Stretchable and foldable

How to make it?

  • Design and color management
  • Print to fabrics
  • Curing
  • Cut and knit
  • Ship to customers
  • Installation

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