UV Flat Bed Gen5 Print Heads 6 Colors High Speed Printer-SQ-3220 3.2*2.0m

HEAD : Ricoh GEN5 Print Heads
PRINTING SIZE : 3200mm*1600mm
INK : UV Ink
COLOR : CMYKLcLm+W+Varnish

Technical characteristics

.Dual servo motors ,magnetic encoder strip .

. Supreme high precision plat-form

.Recycle printing function ,no need repeating position .

.High level safety firewall, intrusion prevention design .

.High print quality with 3D  performance and excellent touching.

. International ICC standard with profile curve adjustment function.

Application in multi -layer relief printing
. Embossed wall covering
.Embossed tile wall
.Bump texture
.Decorative texture
.Decorative oil painting
.Decorative tile
.Phone case
Suitable for all kinds of materials
Glass,metal,ceramic tile,acrylic,plexiglas,wood,plastic,aluminum,cardboard,foam board, composited panel,plywood,PVC,MDF,WPC,ABS,PP sheet nd etc.
.Media thickness: adjustable carriage height
.Maximum media thickness:80mm(standard) 100mm(optional)
.Anti scratch, bend resistant
.Maximum printing area:
(SQ-3216)- 3200mm x1600mm

Application model
.Single layer: CMYK/CMYKLcLm/W/V
.Dual layers: CMYK+W/W+CMYK/CMYK+V
.Three layers: CMYK+W+CMYK/W+CMYK+V

UV flatbed printer
.Can be printed on hard materials such as KT board ,sun board ,PVC  board, wood board acrylic, steel plate,etc.
.Use environmentally friendly UV INKS to promote environmental initiatives promoted by the state.
.The print media used is more extensive and is not limited by material coating .
.Vibrant color ,Strong weather resistance
.Dry without drying time
.Rapid prototyping with cutting machine

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