Product features

  • Ricoh Gen5 printhead
  • Drawer type ink barrel unit
  • Automatic materials thickness measurement
  • Automatic anti-collision function
  • Ink thermostat system
  • Negative pressure system
  • Multi-color printing
  • UV LED curing system
RODIN G 2513 is a high-performance UV flatbed printer that designed for high-end products. It can print high-quality images on a wide range of flat materials, such as wood, glass, leather, tiles, etc. Adopting internal heating industrial Ricoh Gen5 printhead, this UV printer delivers brilliant colors and high print resolution of 600×2400dpi. With high print speed, RODIN G 2513 Ricoh head flatbed printer can meet your high-precision and production efficiency requirements.
The RODIN G 2513 FLATBED PRINTER  is upgraded on function design. It applies drawer type ink barrel unit, which greatly facilitates the ink exchange and ink system maintenance. Plus a variety of easy-to-use features, greatly improve productivity, it’s working performance is stable, idea for long-time working, 24 hours running.
Applications of RODIN G 2513  Ricoh Gen5 head printer
Rigid materials: Glass, Ceramic, Metal plate, Wood, Acrylic panel, KT board, PVC sheet, Melamine sheet, Marble board, etc.
Flexible materials: Paper, Plastics film, Leather, Textile, etc.
1. Ricoh Gen5 printhead
RODIN G 2513 FLATBED PRINTER adopts Ricoh Gen5 Inkjet printing head, which featured variable ink drop printing(7pl-35pl), highest print speed of 600×2400dpi. Therefore,RODIN G 2513  Ricoh head UV printer delivers more bright and delicate printing results. The lifetime of Ricoh nozzle is vevry long, and it can reach about 5 years under good maintenance.
2. Drawer type ink barrel unit
RODIN G 2513 FLATBED PRINTER is equipped with new upgraded ink barrel unit, which is more convenient for ink exchange and ink system maintenance, simplifying operation and saving time.
3. Automatic materials thickness measurement
RODIN G 2513 FLATBED PRINTER has the feature of automatically measuring the thickness of substrates, which is precise, time-saving and labor-saving.
4. Automatic anti-collision function
The carriage can stop working automatically when collides with the media, so as to protect carriage and printheads from damage.
5. Ink thermostat system
This system helps printer to keep the consistency of ink viscosity in low temperature, adapt to different ambient temperature, more conducive to high-quality printing. Ink thermostat system
6. Negative pressure system
The RODIN G 2513 FLATBED PRINTER employs negative pressure system, making the ink supply more smoothly, avoiding the phenomenon of broken ink, also saving ink.
7. Multi-color printing
In addition to CMYK, Lc, Lm, this UV flatbed printer allows white ink and vanish printing, to achieve 3D, embossed and other special effects, meeting the special printing needs of various industrials.
8. UV LED curing system
Our UV printers use UV LED light for ink curing system, which can achieve fast ink drying and energy-saving. It is more environmental protection and live longer.
Item NoYSL-J-KM320X9
Printer headKM512i-30pl-4H/8H
Head height1-10mm
Printing width3200mm
Inksolvent ink
Printing materialtypeheightautomatic feedingDrying system
PVC Flex/vinyl1-10mmyesInfrared+fan
Ignite Frequency20kHz
Print speed 8H2pass3pass6pass8pass
Operating environmenttemperature:20-27°C
Operate systemWindows XP/Win7
Computer InfoWindows XP SP2
CPU:Intel quad core i5 memory: KST 4 GB
Hard disk: WD 500 g hard disk format: NTFS graphics: ATI alone
1 GB of memory drives, DVD drive C disk space: minimum 100 G

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