UV roll to roll Printer RODIN G320R

Product features

  • High print resolution
  • Stable and reliable
  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly designs
  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainable economy

Featured 3.2m print width, RODIN-G320R  roll to roll printer creates high-resolution digital printing results on soft film, wallpaper, reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, PVC cloth and other flexible materials. It employs Ricoh Gen5 grey level industrial inkjet printheads, 7 colors optional and vanish printing supportable, which can help users produce full-color and attractive images, meeting the needs of decoration, advertising industry and other commercial uses.

RODIN-G320R roll to roll printer adopts a series of high-end accessories. With easy-to-use functions and humanized safety protection designs, it can save your time, simplify workflow and improve efficiency and productivity while maintaining the printing quality.

High print resolution
  • Adopting 2-8pcs Ricoh Gen5 industrial printheads featured 7pl-21pl variable ink droplet printing and capability of printing 2pt font clearly, this 3.2m RODIN-G320R roll to roll uv printer presents high print resolution of 600×2400 DPI.
  • Printer frame made by five-axis machining center, ensure the high precision of the whole machine.
  • Use special marble flat scale to debug lead rail straightness (within 0.02mm) and parallelism (0.01mm), to achieve accurate moving of carriage.
Stable and reliable
  • High-temperature tempering treated integral steel frame structure, which will not deform during long-distance transport and handling.
  • Using double rail steel frame beam structure, the carriage is more stable, achieving faster and smooth printing.
  • The beam and the whole frame are made by a large five-axis machining center, one-time processed, ensure high precision.
Easy-to-use and user-friendly designs
  • Automatic media thickness measurement function;
  • More convenient feeding system design;
  • Equipped with mute guide to effectively reduce noise;
  • Safety protection grating design to protect machine and personnel safety.
  • Double negative pressure system for color ink and white ink separately, delivering more stable ink supply.
Environmental protection
  • Eco-friendly UV curing ink which is VOC free, meeting environmental standards;
Sustainable economy
  • LED-UV ink curing system which has longer service life compared to mercury lamp curing, no excess heat, energy-saving, also efficient.
  • Variable ink droplet printing can effectively reduce ink consumption;
  • Ricoh Gen5 inkjet printhead, featured internal heating system, is high-performance, and it is very suitable for long-time working, 24 hours running. If maintain in good condition, it lifetime can reach about 5 years.
ModelRODIN G320R
Print Head4 pcs of Ricoh Gen5
Printing Speed
(4 heads)
High Speed Mode720*600dpi25㎡/h
Production Mode720*900dpi18㎡/h
Quality Mode720*1200dpi13㎡/h
Maximium Printing Size3200mm
Feeding SystemPress Roller
Max Thickness of MaterialsThickness of the Materials is 1-5mm
Colors6 colors(C,M,Y,K,W,V)
InksUV-LED ink
Computer Configurationi7/8G/1TB/USB3.0
Operating SystemWindows7/Windows8/Windows10
RIP SoftwareOnyx/PrintFactory/Photoprint
The Size of the Machine4900*1020*1500mm
The Size of the Package5000*1100*1650mm
Power SupplyAC220±10%,Single Phase ,50/60Hz
The EnvironmentTemperature:20-28°C Humidiy:45-47%RH

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